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We pride ourselves on being #1 in concrete flooring and the exclusive dealer of nDura products. We specialize in NYC and the surrounding tri-state area.

When it comes to service we are second to none. Backed up by an office staff that is equipped with the latest technology in communications, computers, and networking, we are able to offer the fastest service and emergency response in the industry.

Our #1 priority has always been to extend to our clients fast, reliable service with the utmost stress on quality workmanship, consistency, and dependability. NCIS uses no subcontractors, is 100% employee-based, and 100% owner-operated.


Below are our services with their detailed information.

    NCI offers full service floor preparation services. We use specialized machinery to remove carpet, tile, epoxy, glue, thinset and virtually anything else you will find on a floor. If you’re planning on doing a grind and polish, installing ceramic tiles, VCT, a wood floor, or even carpet, we do it the right way to make sure that your new floor installs properly. For a new floor to install it starts with the bottom and if that is not done properly then everything that goes on top can fail. Floor Preparation requires just as much professionalism as the installation of a flooring surface, and many times even more. We provide competitive rates, free estimates, and the finest customer service. In fact, your satisfaction is our first priority. We are dedicated to getting the job done right. We work hard to ensure on-time, on-budget performance for every project, no matter how large or small. Call us-we'll get the job done for you. **Full-Service Flooring Removal, Shot blasting and Surface Preparation ** Our Services Include: Full Floor Preparation - From Rip-Out to Scarifying, Shaving and Grinding Patching & Underlayment - Factory trained and certified technicians. Glue and Mastic Removal - We have the knowledge and the tools to remove the stickiest of coatings. Paint Removal - Shot-Blasting or Grinding available depending on your needs. Epoxy Removal - Using the latest in grinding technology, we can eat through any coating. Tile, Carpet, Linoleum Removal - Let us remove your floor the right way and save thousands in floor preparation costs. Oil and Grease Removal – Chemical and Mechanical Service
    Polished concrete has been a versatile, sustainable, and economical flooring alternative in large retail, commercial and industrial facilities for years. Today with the advances in technology and equipment it is equally as effective for smaller facilities, including residential applications. From art galleries, hair salons to manufacturing plants and shopping malls, polished concrete floors are becoming the solution of choice – thanks in large part to customizable color and design, low initial costs, limited maintenance, high slip resistance and the natural beauty of polished concrete. In recent years it has caught the eye of architects, top designers, and decorators and is a highly desirable flooring finish for residences ranging from the garage, kitchen, basement, and in many cases the entire home. It bridges the crossroads of contemporary to classic design, and offers the opportunity for unique one-of-a-kind flooring solutions. The benefits of polished concrete are many and include the obvious of; exceptional abrasion resistance and high compressive strength, environmentally friendly non dusting for allergy prevention, low maintenance requirements and large cost savings, with an exceptionally high level of durability. And if all of that is not enough, an amazingly beautiful appearance. Advances in technology and equipment have opened the doors to this amazing and durable flooring option in not just lowering cost and making it affordable for everywhere, but also allowing this artisan finish to be sued in places that the previous size and weight of machines would not permit: New equipment design that is small enough and lighter weight to be used in virtually every job site Equipment that can operate on standard household electricity Dust collection and control systems that permit clean work Advances in diamond grinding materials that allow polishing to mirror levels of reflectivity Variety of concrete dyes and stains offered along with integrally colored concrete available Chemical densifiers and hardeners that virtually allow any structurally sound floor to be polished Lower initial cost compared to most traditional floor coverings One-time application with minimal maintenance providing long life cycles Allergy-free alternative and facilitates LEED accreditation Polished Concrete terminology can be confusing, but here is a straight forward way to understand the terms used to describe polished concrete. The first step is the diamond grinding, sometimes referred to as honing. There are 3 principal levels of grinding that create different levels of exposure finish. When concrete is first finished has a surface of what is referred to as cream and in order to create a shine that must be removed by metal diamond grinding blades. There are essentially 3 levels of finish or exposure to achieve and they are: Cream Finish - A cream finish is a honed and polished surface that exposes only the sand particles in the concrete floor. Salt & Pepper Finish - A salt & pepper finish is a honed and polished surface that exposes a spattering of aggregate in the concrete floor. Aggregate Finish - An aggregate finish is a cut surface that exposes the greatest amount of larger aggregate in the concrete floor. Then comes the level of shine, which we call reflectivity. This is created using diamond impregnated resin pads that have varying differences of abrasiveness to them along with chemicals that harden and seal the concrete. Again we have different levels of reflectivity we can achieve. Low Reflectivity, 400 grit – results in a surface that exhibits a low level of reflection which may also be referred to as a satin/matte finish. Medium Reflectivity, 800 grit - results in a surface that exhibits a moderate level of reflection which is commonly referred to as semi-gloss finish. High Reflectivity, 1500 grit - results in a surface that exhibits a high level of reflection which we generally refer to as high gloss. Super Reflectivity, 3000 grit – results in a surface that exhibits the highest level of reflection which many people refer to as the “wet look”. To learn more about concrete polishing here a series of links that are quite informative: - this site has an enormous amount of information and should answer just about any question you may have about polished concrete. - another site with information that ion general is quite informative. - and the always present Wikipedia puts light on the subject.
    We offer many decorative treatments that can turn your floor into a work of art or a conversation piece. With today’s technology and all the new materials being produced we can pretty much give you just about anything your creative juices can conjure up. Mica Flakes, quartz, glow in the dark, metallic looks, high build gloss sealers, coloring and stains, saw cuts, inserts, decals are just a few of the things we can do. We are experts in underlayment’s to raise a floor or create a useable surface, self-leveling, designer trowel downs to create artistic effects and just plain old good looking monotone floors. We work on retail stores, restaurants, commercial, and residential projects. Decorative concrete flooring solutions offer limitless design possibilities that can help you achieve the surface of your dreams for an affordable price and extremely economical maintenance costs. Call Decorative Concrete of New York today for a free, no hassle, no obligation, design consultation.
    Nationwide Contractors is the North East exclusive dealer for Superior Floor Company. Nationwide is a factory trained and certified sports flooring dealer and installer we specify some of the latest innovations for many projects in GYMS , schools, colleges etc Dance floors, basketball raquetball, volleyball, squash, aerobic are but a few of the systems that we offer. We handle court refinishing , gamelines , custom colors and logos. Have your floor designed to match your school or team colors. You are only limited by your imagination, ask us! We'd love to help!
    Floor finishing, and keeping our customers operational has always been a task. With over 1,000,000 + square feet and counting of installation and finishing, they and we have never been more pleased. We maintain the strictest rules on dust containment and always rise to the most innovative challenges. We specialize in the exotic, custom stains, weathered finishes, waterborne hi traffic finishes, logo installations..custom borders, and installations. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or a quote.
    We currently service our nationwide client base in the areas of installation and repair of marble and granite, ceramic tile, pavers, and slate tile. Fabrications and Installation of slab and counters. Visit one of our featured jobs of the month. Buteras Restaurant - Woodbury road Woodbury, Long Island, NY. Using a combination of Hardwoods and Peacock slate tile we created innovative design and style pleasing to the eye. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or a quote.
    NCI is On the job for a super fast set and smooth, level floors. NCI's Self levelling floor underlayments offer solutions for practically any flooring challenge - from new construction to renovation, commercial to residential. But the benefits don't stop there. In addition to fast installation and a new, smooth surface, they also bring significant sound control and fire resistance properties to every project. New construction or renovation Levels entire floors or transition areas, featheredge to deepfill Resurfaces old damaged concrete floors Up to 7000 PSI (48 MPa), hydraulic cement Water resistant Caps cracked, lightweight concrete Installs above, on or below grade Fills "duck ponds" in concrete floors No troweling required Provides a temporary wear surface in as little as two to four hours after application Exceeds standards set by leading floor goods manufacturers Feel free to give us a call or email on any project specifications.
    Decorative concrete flooring is ideal for any retail or commercial application. With Ardex SDT, acid stains and dyes, you can have a floor as unique as your signature. With unlimited design potential, integral colors and brilliant tropical designs can be incorporated. The stunning examples to the right are from a shopping pavillion in the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. See DCNY for more.
    Equipped with the latest innovations in scarifying and shotblasting WE are equipped to finish any epoxy floor for you from 100 to 100,00 square feet. Using the latest polymer finishes we can recoat your floors and keep you operational. What is Shot Blasting? Shot blasting is a method used on concrete and steel surfaces which prepares the surface for the application of a coating, paint or sealer. In order for a new coating or overlay to bond correctly to a surface, it must be clean, dry and profiled. A surface profile is needed to provide a grip or "teeth" for the coating to adhere to. The shot blast machine works by propelling steel shot at a high velocity onto a surface. This shot removes the surface layer of the concrete or steel, taking dirt, coatings, paint or other contaminants with it. A vacuum system in the machine pulls the debris into a chamber where an air wash system separates the debris from the shot. The debris is sent to the dust collector and the reusable shot is recycled. This dust free operation allows you to shot blast in almost any area including sensitive environments such as food processing, pharmaceutical plants, and existing retail operations. Why Shot Blast? Shot blasting is a highly effective method of surface preparation used prior to the application of coatings, sealers or overlays to a substrate. Shot blasting not only cleans a surface by removing surface contaminants, it provides a surface profile which will allow for the best application of the coating or overlay. Shot blasting is the preferred method of surface preparation for several reasons: Shot blasting is a one-step method that will strip, clean and profile a surface while leaving it dry and immediately ready for the application of coatings or overlays. Shot blast machines from U.S. Filter/Blastrac have self-contained dust collectors which ensure dust free operation, allowing you to blast in sensitive environments. There is no need for chemicals, which may be potentially hazardous, and no cleanup required after blasting has been completed. Shot blasting does not impregnate particulate into the surface being blasted. With nationwide clients and over 500,000 square feet of epoxy finishing we can deliver for any of your needs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to get a quote.
    What Is Terrazzo? Many people question what is terrazzo? To answer that question, terrazzo is capable of forming many unique finishes. If to sum up the building material in one sentence, terrazzo is described as a composite material, poured in place or prefabricated for precast terrazzo which is used for flooring, base, walls, stair treads, countertops, and other custom products. Terrazzo consists of chips of marble, granite, quartz, glass, shell, or other suitable materials. It uses either a cement or epoxy matrix as the binder. Nationwide, coupled with our, exclusive supplier, Ndura System, (link) provides an infinite combination of colors and textures, for floors walls counters, and precast elements. Metal strips divide sections, make color transitions, design decorative patterns or logos, and allow for movement or crack mitigation. Divider strips are made from aluminum (epoxy terrazzo only), zinc, brass, or plastic but never stainless steel.
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